Life Is Full Of Challenges

By Rudi Mena

I was born into a Catholic family in Northern Argentina. We were fairly active, in so much that we helped to build the Catholic chapel in our neighborhood, my cousin was the Archbishop’s secretary and he went to the Catholic Church council in Rome, Italy in 1960.

At that time, we had a subscription to the Reader’s Digest magazine and in one particular issue, we read an article of, “A Day In The Life Of A Mormon Bishop.” My mother said something prophetic; that we would belong to that church one day.

My father’s gregarious personality attracted many missionaries from other religions, so many visited us and I’ve read many of their books and literature. One day, my father told us that he had met a couple of young missionaries and that the missionaries were coming to visit us.

However, (as in other occasions) my father was not going to be there. So my sister and myself met the missionaries. Within 2 weeks we were ready for baptism. My parents followed us with their baptism 2 months later.

During this time, I was privileged to see many miracles (which in reality is the priesthood in action) mostly in the healing of the sick, which has strengthened my testimony greatly.

Since then, I have spent my life in 18 countries and I was able to enjoy the spirit wherever I went. We are a true universal family, because whether we like it or not, we are all relatives. Therefore we must continue to live in accordance with our covenants and if we do so, the Lord will pour His blessing upon us.

See? Life is full of challenges but it is a lot better if we know where are we going, also when we have a prophet who guides us and we have scriptures to help us navigate through this life.

Life is fun, live the gospel, enjoy it!