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A Love For My Ancestors - By Toni Richard Turk
My first encounter with a Mormon was in the spring of 1962. I was a Russian linguist attached to a detachment of linguists assigned to the 319th USASA Battalion, Headquarters located at Rothwesten Air Base near Kassel, Germany...read entire story >>


Our Spiritual Journey - By Chad Nordenstrom
When we hit I came completely off the seat and was going to fly right through the windshield. Right at that moment I saw a white bright light and a tremendous force right on my shoulders pushing me back into the seat. I looked over at my mom and I asked her…"Did you see that?" She said, "what?" I said, "the Angels! "....read entire story >>


I Was Welcomed With Open Arms - By Donna Loock
This story starts in 2000, my friend of 39 years came to Minnesota for a vacation, we hadn't seen each other for 20 years, her car broke down in Montana but something was telling her she needed to get to Minnesota....read entire story >>


All I Am Or Ever Hope To Be - By Larry D. Kump
The answer which came to me was both surprising, satisfying, and immediate. Continued personal prayer and reading the Book of Mormon then further opened the way for me to read the Bible with new understanding and appreciation...read entire story >>


I Felt A Connection - By Lisa Sheryl Kissel
I then saw the commercial for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and immediately felt a connection. I knew that they were the “Mormons” , The only thing I knew about Mormonism, was that the Donny Osmond and his family were Mormons.....read entire story >>






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