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God Has A Time And Place For Everything - By Thabile Mkhize
I remember growing up, my parents skipped from one church to the other. I always wondered what was wrong with the last one we had been to. We went from the twelve Apostolic Faith mission to Adventist to...read entire story >>



There Has Always Been Something Missing - By Steve Martin
As a young boy of 5 years old I started down my religious path of Methodist. Going to church 2 and sometimes 3 times a week was very normal for me. My family was part of the church functions and was always available for...read entire story >>



A Quiet Whisper..."This Is True" - By Richard Johnson
He wanted to know more about Mormons so he invited the Missionaries into our home, which was as I look back now the most powerful life changing experience a 12 year old...read entire story >>


It Was Worth The Sacrifice - By Natalie Peterson
There are people who come in our lives and forever change us, that is what happened to me. It was January 2005. I was a student at the University of Nebraska pursuing and double major in Communication Studies and Art History...read entire story >>


GOD Has A Sense Of Humor - By Norm Guiling
My conversion story is different from any story I have heard, since I have joined the Church. You could say that it proves that God had a sense of humor...read entire story >>



A Witness Of The Spirit - By Beth Young
I was so thankful to Father for the physical witness that He knew was the unspoken desire of my heart...read entire story >>


Listen To These Messengers - By Michael Lenroy Holmes
As I walked one day, two missionaries stop me and it felt as if a hand pressed firmly on my chest and a still small voice whispered, "Michael stop and listen...read entire story >>



The Lord Strengthened Me - By Christopher Hills
 grew up in Northern Ireland, the political and religious history of my country is no secret, there has always been disputes over religion and politics. ...read entire story >>






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