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Two Years That Changed My Life - By Bobby Van Rooy

My conversion took about two years, but I'll take it from the last 8 months. I was 27 years old and divorced already. Living in Hawaii and a professional musician/entertainer....read entire story >>


My Entire Being Was Filled With Light - By Kitty Cather
The summer of 1970, I read the account of Joseph Smith's First Vision in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  As I read my entire being was filled with LIGHT, and I knew that Joseph Smith had seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ....read entire story >>


Church Isn't Good For You - By Claudette Kay
I was born and raised in California. My sister and I were sent to the nearest church by our parents. It was a Presbyterian Church. I was about 10 and I remember coming home one day crying because the topic had been about Hell and Hell Fire, etc....read entire story >>


My Journey to the Church - By David Frey
I remember laying down in my bed, exhausted, but excited about the opportunity to read another chapter in the Book of Mormon. Little by little, I learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ.....read entire story >>



Believing in Heavenly Fathers' Promises - By Lesa Glen
We never know what God's plans are, or how someone can be touched by the Gospel....read entire story >>



Faithfully Waiting to be Baptized - By Brooke Wesley
I was so thankful to Father for the physical witness that He knew was the unspoken desire of my heart...read entire story >>






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