It’s a challenge to groom your furry friend with a professional service. We recommend you to make this your next DIY project. In fact, you can save several hundred dollars in this way. The thing you need to do is looking for the right set of tool. It can help to trim your pet’s hair effectively. Nowadays, there is a wide range of products on the market when it comes to the best dog grooming clippers. Let’s check out this writing to get guides and reviews.

Common Variations of Dog Clippers       

There are two main kinds of dog clippers, including wired and cordless. Each of them comes with their cons and pros. Once you intend to purchase one for your dog, let’s look at these points first.

Cordless Dog Clippers

These devices are lightweight for enhanced mobility. Also, they allow you to easily reach certain body parts. You needn’t worry about the wire being entangled while working in your room. But, these products come with batteries running out fast. So, you need to charge it regularly. Moreover, it’s difficult to make your dog a smooth trim, especially for those who have a thick coat. Last cons may be the length of the blades. They are just only in 5 options available.

Wired Dog Clippers

These units are easy to customize their blade length. Using them, you also don’t have to be concerned with the battery life. It’s easy to trim. They can help to save your time and effort. These devices come with the full power. But, there are also some cons when it comes to wired dog clippers. First, it’s hard to manoeuver. It’s hard to trim your dog’s coat in tight areas as well.

The cordless clippers, as well as wired clippers, have their own pros and cons. In fact, professional groomers use both of these types while trimming. They use the corded clippers for large areas and another for small areas. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of clippers before making your choice. Crittersitca owner Catherine Bono wrote an awesome dog clipper guide. You can read them right now.

Dog Clipper Blades

It’s essential to look for the best professional dog grooming clipper blades. This is really important when you need to trim several breeds. Indeed, you will need many types of blades for use on a variety of coats. Actually, there are two main types of blades. They include detachable and adjustable blades.

Detachable blades

These units are easy to be separated from dog clippers. Also, you can easily clean them when needed. But, they require you to replace the blade if you want to get the desired length.

Adjustable Blades

It’s not essential to replace the blades for the desired length. But, these units are movable. So, it’s hard to clean these blades.

Why do you should purchase dog clippers?

Dog clippers allow you to easily trim the thick coat on your dog. You simply just need to switch it on. Then, you can get the job done effectively. When looking for the clipper blades, it’s best to choose sharp blades for the best result.

At the same time, looking for one that can be able to work well with the clipper for the desired result. Keep in mind you need to keep the clipper cool during the trimming process.

By this way, you can prevent your furry friend from getting burn. Keep it out of becoming too hot! To do this, place them in cool surfaces.

Why do you use the professional dog grooming clippers?


The professional dog grooming clippers allow you to easily and quickly get the trimming job done. In addition, there are more advantages of using these devices. They come with different blades, so you can comfortably use them for multiple dogs. Also, you can easily carry them. That’s why it’s easy to groom your pet anywhere.


The dog clippers require regular maintenance, including oiling, clearing often, as well as sharpening blades.

Reviews of the best dog grooming clippers

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed professional Clipper

This choice is great for solely professional use. It offers the strong motor with 2 different speeds. So, you can easily use them depending on your pet’s coat thickness. Especially, this unit is not too quiet and not too loud. It allows you to cut through your dog’s thick coat in a fast manner.

Oster 78005- 010 Golden A5 Single Speed Dog Clipper

The Oster 78005-010 is an antimicrobial unit. It can prevent your dog from bacterial infections. Its motor is much cooler. Moreover, it’s compatible with various Oster CryogenXblades. Plus, it has a standard no.10 blade. In addition, it comes with other accessories such as blade oil, blade guard, an instruction manual, as well as a cleaning brush. This is a great choice on the market today. But, it’s not recommended for use on dirty pets.

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Clipper

If you are looking for a motor for fast hair clippers, this product is for you. It’s available in 2 different speeds, including 3400 and 4000 strokes per minutes. It can prevent your dog from going o accidentally. But, the overheating is a great issue if you want to use it for long hours.

AdisEasyclip Pro-animal 7 Piece detachable blade clipper kit

This option is great for any breed. The product comes with 7 blades. It also has a powerful motor available in 5 different speeds. This clipper is ideal for any challenging grooming task. You can use it on the sensitive body parts of your pet at a low speed. It offers a sturdy build for the extra durability.

Wahl Arco Se Professional Cordless Clipper

It’s a great option for those who are finding one for a professional grooming clipper. Its speed reaches up to 5500 strokes per minutes. So, it’s easy to get the desired result. But, this is not a good choice for sensitive dogs. But, it’s limited in choices of blades when it comes to this clipper. The product is a good choice for beginners.


In conclusion, dogs need the best dog grooming clippers. They can help to keep their dog’s coat looking nice. Hopefully, our reviews today can help you make your job easier.