Story Submission Guidelines

Welcome potential writers! Here is the information you will need to enable you to contribute to is a clearinghouse of faith-promoting testimonies of conversion stories. This site provides testimonies of conversions from various other religious denominations.

We are always looking for additional conversion stories that would apply to our categories of: Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Jewish, Seventh-Day, Muslim, Atheist or others not listed.

We know there are many faith promoting conversions out there, we request that you keep them as accurate as possible, and only include the first name of any person mentioned in the story.

Our goal is to find varied and different conversion stories.

Submission FAQs:

Conversion stories should be the length of 700-1000 words.

Send articles to ([email protected]) in Word or text format. If you need to put links in the text, put them in parentheses next to the word/s you want linked – do not embed them in a Word document. No pdf files, please.

The writer, not, retains copyright. However, we reserve the right to use your story, once it’s submitted to us, in other publications (i.e. books, content for other sites, reports etc.) without your express permission.

We do not pay guest contributors for their story.

Information We Need From You:

1. First and Last Name
2. Email Address
3. Your Former Religion
4. Your Story
5. The story must be in a MS Word document or text file.

If you still have questions or comments, please send me an email at ([email protected]). I’d be happy to discuss any additional questions you may have regarding submitting stories to our site.

I look forward to receiving stories from you,

Beth Young

Senior Editor